About ZCM Services.

ZCM Services provides a range of products, support and training in the fields of computing and communications.

ZCM Services began trading in October 1994. It is registered as a business in the state of Queensland, Australia.

The proprietor, Mr. Calvin Melen, has over 19 years experience in the fields of computing and communications. The years 1981 to 1995 saw him employed with what is now called AirServices Australia (formerly the Civil Aviation Authority and several predecessors). In his capacity as a Technical Officer Grade 4 he was responsible for the maintenance and repair of airways communications equipment, navigational aids and computing systems. He has five years experience in the high technology area of test and measurement systems, and seven years experience as a technical instructor.

His qualifications include a Certificate in Electronics and Communications, an Austel general premises cabler's license, an amateur operator's limited certificate of proficiency, a certificate in instructional techniques, and technical support specialist qualifications from Syquest Technology Inc. He is an Engineering Associate with the Institute of Radio and Electronic Engineers Australia. (I.R.E.E.)

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