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The third generation of LBP laser printers utilise the newest 6 and 17 page per minute print engines from Canon. The performance is unrivalled by the competition, whilst incorporating a host of features to improve ease of use and reduce energy consumption. Canon offers you a choice of either the LBP660 with the Windows Printing System, 600 x 300 dpi resolution and real 6 page per minute performance of the Canon AX engine, or for the high - end corporate user, the LBP1760 with 1200 dpi resolution and 17 page per minute 52 engine.

The Canon LBP660 Laser Printer.

Canon LBP660

The LBP660 provides outstanding print text quality, approaching that of a 2400 x 600 dpi printer, using "Automatic Image Refinement" (AIR), "Superfine Toner" and "Fuser On Demand" technology.

AIR varies the size of the dots near the image edge by placing smaller dots in the space between the standard dots, thus improving definition and enhancing reproduction. The improvement in print engine resolution is assisted by "Super Fine Toner". This development pioneered in the last generation of Canon laser printers uses toner particles a fraction the size of conventional particles.Windows Print System Logo
Finally, "Fuser On Demand" not only helps lower energy consumption, it produces blacker blacks and better half - tones. As an added bonus, this revolutionary technology results in a printer that uses 67% less power in operating mode as compared to conventional laser printers. Heat production is so insignificant that the requirement for a noisy cooling fan has been eliminated, making the LBP660 the ideal choice for a quiet office. A special "Standby Mode" reduces power consumption to a meagre 3.5 watts. When left in standby mode for more than 15 minutes, the printer automatically enters "Sleep Mode". Another advantage to "On Demand Fusing" - when you are ready to print, there is no warm - up delay and no waiting.

The Canon LBP1760 Laser Printer.

The LBP1760 workgroup printer is the perfect choice for a busy office. With a 17 page per minute 52 engine, it can cope with the largest job (rated throughput of 65000 pages per month). The 600 dpi base text resolution is supplemented by Automatic Image Refinement, producing remarkably clean text with the equivalent of resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. When printing graphics the base resolution improves to 1200dpi.

Other great features include a 500 sheet paper cassette as standard, 45 in - built microtype fonts, and 4MB RAM, expandable to 32MB if required !

Optional extras include a duplexer, allowing full double sided printing, (think of the paper and time savings!) a 500 sheet paper tray and envelope feeder.

PDF DocumentLBP1760 Brochure (720k)

Price Guide - Canon Laser Printers and Accessories
CodeItem DescriptionRetail PriceWarranty
LBP-660Canon LBP-660 Laser printer: 600 x 300 dpi, 6 ppm, A4 Black and White, Windows Printing System$545.001 Year
LBP-1760Canon LBP-1760 Laser printer: 1200 dpi, 17 ppm, A4 Black and White, 500 sheet cassette$1853.001 Year
PF-52500 sheet paper feeder for LBP-1760 printer$442.001 Year
DU-52Duplexing Unit for LBP-1760 printer$450.001 Year
EF-52Envelope Feeder (75 envelopes) for LBP-1760 printer$422.001 Year
PF-6500 sheet cassette for LBP-1260 printer$435.001 Year
TP-6Duplexing Unit for LBP-1260 printer$525.001 Year
EF-6Envelope Feeder (75 envelopes) for LBP-1260 printer$479.001 Year

Canon Consumables:

ZCM Services can also supply the FULL RANGE of consumables for all current and superseded Canon Laser Printers. These items also fit a lot of other manufacturers' printers, since they use an identical Canon engine. (eg: Hewlett-Packard, Apple, DEC and Gestetner) Please contact ZCM Services if you require assistance choosing the correct component for your printer.

Price Guide - Canon Laser Printer Consumables
CodeItem DescriptionRetail Price
EPACARTAX Microfine Toner Cartridge for LBP-460 / 660 printers (HP Code: C3906a)$105.00
EPBCARTBX Toner Cartridge (HP Code: C3900a)$297.00
EPCCARTCX Toner Cartridge for LBP-8A1 / 8A2 printer$193.00
EPECARTEX Microfine Toner Cartridge for LBP-1260 / 8IV printers (HP Code: 92298a)$167.00
EPLCARTLX Toner Cartridge for LBP-4 / 4Plus / 4Lite printers (HP Code: 92275a)$173.00
EPNCARTNX Toner Cartridge (HP Code: 92291a)$235.00
EPPCARTPX Microfine Toner Cartridge for LBP-4i / 4u / 430W printers (HP Code: 92274a)$145.00
EPSCARTSX Toner Cartridge for LBP-8II / 8III printers (HP Code: 92295a)$147.00
EPVCARTVX Toner Cartridge (HP Code: C3903a)$145.00
EPWCARTWX Toner Cartridge for LBP2460 printer (HP Code: C3909a)$297.00
EP52CART52 Microfine Toner Cartridge for LBP1760 printer (HP Code: C4127x)$245.00

Important Notes:

  1. A $12.00 delivery fee is payable for consumable orders not purchased with a new printer.
  2. Remanufactured toner cartridges are also available for this range of printers. Please click here for further information.
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