JRC Communications Products

ZCM Services is the Queensland Distributor for communications products from the Japan Radio Company. JRC have been manufacturing communications equipment since 1915. They are dominant in field of ship borne transceivers and marine radar equipment. Their vast experience, accumulated in these fields, has been carried over into their range of professional and semi - professional communications receivers and transceivers.

The current product lineup consists of:

Price Guide - JRC Communications Products
ItemDescriptionPrice Ex TaxRetail Price
NRD-345HF Communication ReceiverComing SoonComing Soon
NRD-535HF Communication Receiver$2498.00$3044.00
NRD-535DNRD-535 Deluxe Version
with ECSS and BWC options
NRD-545DSPHF Communication Receiver with DSPComing SoonComing Soon

Important Notes:

1. For payment with order an additional 5% discount is available off these prices.
2. The figures quoted above are based on $1.00 Australian = 73 Yen. Because of continual fluctuations in the value of the Australian dollar vs the Japanese Yen, these prices are approximations only. Please contact ZCM Services for an accurate quote.

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