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Netcomm have 2 general families of modems: AutoModemTM and SmartModemTM.

Automodems are for the general end user market: People who mainly dialout to Internet Service Providers and Bulletin Board Systems.

SmartModem products are designed for the high end market: BBS's, Mainframes, Unix machines, MUX's and POS stations and situations where high security and reliability are paramount.

Netcomm Roadsters

Netcomm Roadster ModemThe Roadster AutoModem family comprises of the Roadster 336, Roadster II 56Ultra, Roadster 56Flex and Roadster Ultra SVD modems, providing both data and fax communications. Netcomm Modems come bundled with everything you need to get started right out of the box. Installation is a breeze, with versions available for both IBM PC and Macintosh Environments.


PDF DocumentRoadster 336 Brochure (285k)

Netcomm InModem

Netcomm InModemThe InModem336, The InPlus336 SVD and InModem56 provides data and fax communications using any spare 8bit 1/2 card slot found in most desktop computers, with identical performance and specifications as the Roadster family. As with the Roadsters, the InModem comes with everything needed to get started right out of the box, including Winfax (V8.0) for Windows 95/NT, one of the world's most advanced but easy to use fax communications packages.

PDF DocumentInPlus 336 SVD Brochure (271k)

Netcomm CardModem

Netcomm CardModemFor Laptop and Portable computer users the Netcomm CardModem range is the ideal solution. All three models (CardModem336, CardModem56 and Socket Rocket 336) provide the same features and functionality as their equivalent Netcomm AutoModems and SmartModems, using the standard PCMCIA (Type II) connection system.


PDF DocumentCardModem 336 Brochure (310k)

Netcomm SmartModem

Netcomm SmartModemThe SmartModem range is the ideal option for the professional user as it provides functionality, flexibility and high performance from a modem utilising 16-bit technology. The SmartModem range also offers fax capability, at up to14400bps Group III, class 1 & 2. The SmartModem Family comprises the SmartModem 336 and the SmartModem 56.


PDF DocumentSmartModem 336 Brochure (374k)

Price Guide - Netcomm Modem Products
CodeItem DescriptionRetail Price Warranty
AM3460Roadster 336 Faxswitching AutoModem - 33600bps$193.00Lifetime / 5 Year
AM3470Roadster 336 Ultra SVD AutoModem - 33600bps, Simultaneous Data and Voice$223.00Lifetime / 5 Year
AM3474Roadster 56Flex AutoModem - 56000bps download, 33600bps upload, Flex Technology$250.00Lifetime / 5 Year
AM5690Roadster II 56 Ultra SVD AutoModem - 56000bps download, 33600bps upload, Simultaneous Data and Voice$287.00Lifetime / 5 Year
CM3461CardModem 336 AutoModem - 33600bps$271.00Lifetime / 5 Year
CM3466CardModem 56 AutoModem - 56000bps download, 33600bps upload$385.00Lifetime / 5 Year
CM3475CardModem 56 Combo AutoModem - 56000bps download, 33600bps upload, Ethernet 10baseT Combined$522.00Lifetime / 5 Year
CM3660Socket Rocket 336 SmartModem - 33600bps, 16 bit Technology$480.00Lifetime / 5 Year
IN3420InPlus 336 SVD AutoModem - 33600bps, Simultaneous Data and Voice$196.00Lifetime / 5 Year
IN3424BInModem 56 AutoModem - 56000bps download, 33600bps upload$243.00Lifetime / 5 Year
SM3460SmartModem 336 - 33600bps, 16 bit Technology$385.00Lifetime / 5 Year
SM5600SmartModem 56 - 56000bps download, 33600bps upload, 16 bit Technology$526.00Lifetime / 5 Year

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