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News items are placed on this page on a regular basis. The material presented is drawn from prerelease and promotional material supplied by the manufacturers and wholesalers. The items are retained for approximately one month, before being deleted.

Due to the advance nature of the source material, ZCM Services cannot be held responsible for any of the claims made in these news items. Editorial and explanatory comment is the responsibility of ZCM Services. If you have questions regarding material you read here, please e-mail ZCM Services. I welcome reader feedback and comments. Additional material, including colour brochures in some instances, is available upon request.

Sales Strategy Changed.

The continuing high levels of competition in the retail sector of computer hardware and software market have made it impossible for small businesses like ZCM Services to remain profitable. Consequently, the decision has been taken to cease actively promoting computer hardware and software sales. This however, does not mean that ZCM Services is completely withdrawing from the sales marketplace.

ZCM Services is still most anxious to provide for all of your hardware and software needs. The sales effort has been refocussed to particularly address the situations where:

ZCM Services intends to continue it's close contacts with all present suppliers, and to actively search for new and innovative products to better meet it's customer's needs.

Credit Card Facilities Withdrawn.

With immediate effect ZCM Services will no longer be able to offer the option to purchase goods or services using credit cards. This has been brought about by a change of banking institution and the spiralling costs of merchant services. ZCM Services apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Other payment options are fully explained in our 'Terms and Conditions' page.

Changes to Taxation Rules.

With effect from July 1, 2000 Goods and Services Tax is now applied to all sales from ZCM Services. Our invoicing system has been updated to produce 'Tax Invoices' in the form prescribed by the Australian Taxation Office. Please contact ZCM Services or the Australian Taxation Office if you require any further information.

ZCM Services Changes Web Hosting Location.

After an acrimonious dispute with our previous Web Hosting Service, I am now pleased to announce our new location with Server101. They offer first class technical support, fantastic speed and reliability. I highly recommend you check out their homepage before making your webhosting decisions.

ZCM Services Web Authoring to Order.

Did you know that ZCM Services offers a web authoring service. You can have a professional or personal presence on the internet, including all of the great images and text formatting features you see here. Contact ZCM Services for a quote on your requirements. (it's not expensive)
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