Trading Philosophy.

ZCM Services' Aim:

ZCM Services is dedicated to providing top quality products and services, that meet or exceed the customer's expectations, at the lowest possible cost.

The Products on Offer.

All products displayed in this On - Line catalogue are available NOW. Usual delivery time is 48 hours from placing an order. Please see the information in the 'Trading Term & Conditions' page for more details.

You may notice that I often only specify one or two manufacturers in each category of interest. This is simply because these manufacturers produce merchandise that I have found to be the best choice; weighing up the criteria of quality, reliability, performance, and value for money. This policy was adopted after observing the difficulties experienced by consumers with the cheap 'no - name' brands, often offered by my competitors at lower prices.

In the majority of instances, customers initially pleased because of the reduced expense, are ultimately extremely dissatisfied with problems involving product reliability and after - sales support. The ZCM Services policy of supplying only QUALITY products with a proven track record of reliability, generous warranty provisions and adequate support, assists in the removal of a major stumbling block to the full and efficient use of what is a major monetary investment.

What experience has shown is in the vast majority of instances, particularly with QUALITY products, reliability is in fact so high that the warranty whilst being a measure of the manufacturer's confidence in their product, really is only of academic interest ! (The average failure rate is VERY LOW.)

Pricing Policy.

I do not have a shop front. This would merely add to my overheads, increasing the margin I would have to put onto products to recover my expenses. This Web service is my 'electronic shop front'.

You as a customer also benefit in as much as this 'shop' is open 24 hours a day, and you don't have to tolerate high pressure 'salespersons' trying to make you buy the items that will earn them the highest commission.

I encourage you to shop around, compare my prices with other suppliers. I will endeavour to match or undercut any reasonable quote you may obtain from the competition. I don't guarantee that I will always be able to better my competitor's prices, but I will try. I also won't hesitate recommending the quote from the opposition if they are truly offering the same merchandise at a better price. (I wish I could always beat my competitors, but often they get wholesale price advantages that I am locked out of !!)

What You Can't See.

If you require a particular item that is not listed in this on - line catalogue, by all means ask ! There is literally thousands of products in the market place, and I don't have limitless Web space on this server, so naturally only the more popular items are going to get a mention. Just because it is not listed does not mean that I can't get it for you, probably at a more competitive price than you will be quoted elsewhere.
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