JRC LogoNRD-545DSP H.F. Receiver.

The NRD-545 is the latest release from JRC.

JRC NRD-545DSP Receiver
It takes a radical new approach to receiver operation, replacing the conventional I.F. filters and detectors with Digital Signal Processing. (DSP) The result is unrivalled performance and total flexibility. As well as all the standard options expected on a modern H.F. receiver, processing the signal in the 'digital domain' allows several new features including automatic beat cancelling, automatic noise reduction and automatic notch tracking.

To quote reviewers in the "World Radio TV Handbook" (1999):World Radio TV Handbook Logo
"In operational terms the NRD-545 was simply delightful, and monitoring sessions notionally for testing purposes became addictive periods of extended listening. .... All in all, the JRC NRD-545 is one of the finest HF receivers to ever come our way and we really enjoyed every moment of the test period. Perhaps the most eloquent tribute we can give to the NRD-545 is that we were very sorry to have to return it !"
WRTH 1999 AwardsIn presenting the award for "Best Semi-Professional Receiver 1999" the World Radio TV Handbook test team summed up with:
"Of the traditional 'table-top' mains-powered receivers there is no doubt that the JRC NRD-545 offers the finest overall performance. ... The NRD-545 has quite superb filters, an excellent balance of sensitivity and strong-signal performance and is a delight to use; for the dedicated HF enthusiast who insists on something approaching state-of-the-art performance and functionality, the JRC unit is the best."

Some of the outstanding NRD-545DSP features: PDF DocumentNRD545DSP Brochure (381k)

For a detailed view and description of the front panel controls click on the small radio. NRD545DSP Front Panel View

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