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ZCM Services recommends Intel processors for the utmost in reliability and compatibility. The Intel company was first formed in 1973 with the purpose of producing a single chip computer. (now commonly referred to as a microprocessor) Since then, Intel has been at the forefront of processor development.

The selection of the 16 bit (8 bit external) 8088 processor as the heart of the original IBM PC provided the basis for the rapid expansion and innovation for which Intel are now famous. The continued enhancement of the 8086 family through the 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium and Pentium MMX has been responsible for a lot of the growth of the personal computer both as a modern tool of business, and as a commonplace item in a lot of homes.

The latest Pentium II and Pentium III processors challenge the capabilities of a mainframe supercomputer of only a few years ago.

The Current Intel Pentium Family:

Pentium III and Pentium III Xeon

Pentium II and Pentium II Xeon


Other Processors.

The 'Socket 8' Pentium Pro seems to have become a dead branch on the evolutionary tree. Very few manufacturers or users have embraced this product, and as a result prices for it have remained extremely high.

The demise of Intel 'Socket 7' processors is not all bad news however, since the increasing sales volume in the new 242CSC processors is starting produce significant falls in pricing. This trend should continue to accelerate. For those who still wish to use 'Socket 7' processors, plenty of options are still available from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and IBM/Cyrix. See the price guide below for the list of models available.


If you are intending to install a processor on a motherboard yourself, please read these guidelines: If you have doubts about your ability to successfully undertake these activities, it is probably best if you take your machine to a suitably qualified technical support centre. Failure to follow these handling and installation procedures may result in failure of the processor and / or your motherboard.

NOTE: Operation of the processor at other than it's rated core speed and voltage (commonly refered to as "overclocking") may result in processor failure.

Intel's limited warranty expressly excludes processor malfunction or destruction caused by any of the above noted conditions.

Price Guide - Intel and Other Processors
CodeItem DescriptionRetail PriceWarranty
PENT550IIIIntel Pentium III 550MHz, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (242CSC)$1709.005 Years
PENT500IIIIntel Pentium III 500MHz, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (242CSC)$1133.005 Years
PENT450IIIIntel Pentium III 450MHz, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (242CSC)$646.005 Years
PENT400IIIntel Pentium II 400MHz, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (242CSC)$495.005 Years
PENT350IIIntel Pentium II 350MHz, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (242CSC)$426.005 Years
CEL466Intel Celeron 466MHz (MMX) with 128k Level 2 Cache, Cooling Fan and Heatsink, Socket 370 (PPGA)$419.005 Years
CEL433Intel Celeron 433MHz (MMX) with 128k Level 2 Cache, Cooling Fan and Heatsink, Socket 370 (PPGA)$357.005 Years
CEL400Intel Celeron 400MHz (MMX) with 128k Level 2 Cache, Cooling Fan and Heatsink, Socket 370 (PPGA)$261.005 Years
CEL366Intel Celeron 366MHz (MMX) with 128k Level 2 Cache, Cooling Fan and Heatsink, Socket 370 (PPGA)$193.005 Years
AMDK63400AMD K6-3-400, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (Socket 7 - MVP Chipset Only)$460.001 Year
AMDK62450AMD K6-2-450, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (Socket 7 - MVP Chipset Only)$296.001 Year
AMDK62400AMD K6-2-400, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (Socket 7 - MVP Chipset Only)$220.001 Year
AMDK62350AMD K6-2-350, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (Socket 7 - MVP Chipset Only)$158.001 Year
CYR333IBM/Cyrix 6x86 P333+, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (Socket 7)$95.001 Year
CYR300IBM/Cyrix 6x86 P300+, Cooling Fan and Heatsink (Socket 7)$88.001 Year

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